ORMSwareTM is a proprietary quantitative modeling and programming system developed by US Army veteran Reginald Joules at Ushar Enterprises Inc, Littleton, Colorado, USA, with keen interest in national defense problems

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Logical Network Diagrams of Pedal Magic Presales Process ASP

This is a program from many years ago and some of its history/evolution has been forgotten. Originally our digital rights management (DRM) provider could only protect videos on Windows platform. Later when better technology for serving a larger market on more platforms became available from that provider, it became necessary to reengineer the test-order-unlock process around their new capabilities, resulting in Pedal Magic Licensing ASP. Pedal Magic Licensing ASP is next on the list of ORMSware programming examples presented here.

This Pedal Magic Presales Process ASP was the first ASP written with ORMSware. Pedal Magic Licensing ASP mentioned above uses some of the networks in this ASP (TestClip, OrderForm, LicenseInfo, CheckDiscountCode, and PostTrans listed below).

Now Pedal Magic is offered exclusively through Vimeo, using Vimeo's Video On Demand (VOD) services. Pedal Magic Presales Process ASP and Pedal Magic Licensing ASP were retired in 2015.

Each link below opens a new window with diagrams of the logical [sub]network with that name (names in yellow nodes in diagrams are [sub]network names):

  1. TopNet (though the first network is always the place to start, it may make more sense if you start with subnet TestClip below; recall that this ASP was cannibalized for the Licensing ASP)
  2. OrderForm
  3. CheckDiscountCode
  4. PostTrans | Underlying code for Node 28, and Arcs 29 & 30
  5. LicenseInfo
  6. VisitorScreen
  7. Android
  8. TestClip (diagrams 1 thru 7 above may make better sense if you start with this page)